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The Saidel Jewish Baking Center is the world's leading authority on anything connected to Jewish bread, the history, folklore, Halacha and actual baking

The SJBC provides the following services:

We offer a wide variety of workshop packages for all audiences, age groups and occasions - employee group outings, bar/bat-mitzvahs, birthdays, teaching newlyweds to make challahs, study groups (shiurim) and more. Our workshops are hands-on, entertaining and unforgettable and can be conducted at our location or yours. Click here for a list of  our workshops.


Master baker Les Saidel is a much sought after, entertaining and authoritative speaker on the subjects of Jewish bread, (specifically the Lechem Hapanim/Showbread), Jewish baking history and folklore, health, nutrition and brick oven building.  He freelances as a columnist for the Jerusalem Post newspaper and pens a column called "In the Grain", appearing in the In-Jerusalem and Metro supplements.


Consulting and Training
SJBC offers consulting and hands-on training in the fields of professional and home baking, specializing in Jewish bread, Jewish baking history and folklore, cereal chemistry, nutrition, health, new product development and brick oven building. Les Saidel, an expert consultant and systems analyst, will pinpoint the exact scope of information you require and solve your problems in the shortest time possible at minimum cost. We also provide professional, hands-on training in all spheres of Jewish artisan baking using authentic, state of the art equipment, on all levels, from beginner to advanced. SJBC offers a variety of solutions, from on-site training for large groups to one-on-one, apprentice style training.


SJBC conducts exhibitions on all baking related topics. Our International Bread Expo is an example, a highly successful, colorful exhibition of breads from all around the globe. We conduct exhibitions for organizations such as local municipal councils, matnasim, schools, youth groups and also for private organizations.


We offer tours for groups of any age and size of our baking center. Step back in time hundreds of years and experience an authentic artisan bakery in the flesh. Watch bread being baked the old fashioned way in our authentic brick oven.


Personal Chef/Baker
Commission your own personal chef/baker to custom bake something special for your dinner table or special occasion, health breads, large festive challahs, bread sculptures, bread displays and more.


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