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The Saidel Jewish Baking Center is located in the country village of Karnei Shomron, Israel.  The family business is run by husband and wife team, Les and Sheryl Saidel who complement each other's skills perfectly.

Les is a student of world renowned pastry chef Michel Suas (San Francisco Baking Institute), and is a master artisan baker in his own right with 40+ years of baking experience. Sheryl manages the pastry, confectionery and logistics side of the operation.

The Saidels are passionate artisan bakers fueled by the mission of re-acquainting people with good, old-fashioned, healthy Jewish bread and mouth watering confectionery. The SJBC is a haven for anyone wanting to experience the ancient art of artisan Jewish bread baking and a center for training, consulting and experimentation.

The SJBC provides professional, hands-on training and consulting services, workshops and demonstrations for groups, families or individuals.

The Saidels are pioneering the artisan Jewish bread baking trend in Israel and empowering more and more people to return to their roots.

Les is also CEO of the Showbread Institute an institute for researching the legendary Showbread (Lechem Hapanim) from the ancient Temple. He pens a baking column for the Jerusalem Post and called "In The Grain" and is also the inventor of Rambam Bread (TM) - a unique health bread based on the medical writings of the Rambam (Maimonides).


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