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Meir Panim
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by Eliezer Meir Saidel

The definitive textbook on the Lechem Hapanim (Showbread) and the Shulchan (Table) of the Beit Hamikdash.

Based on groundbreaking research conducted in the Showbread Institute, Meir Panim presents for the first time an astounding series of new insights relating to many aspects of the Lechem Hapanim that until now have been shrouded in mystery, like the secret recipe of Beit Garmu (the family of Levites in charge of baking this iconic bread in the time of the 2nd Temple) and the miracle of the Lechem Hapanim that it remained fresh and warm on the Shulchan for an entire week.

Meir Panim combines "Hilcheta de'Meshicha", practical halachot applicable to the time of Mashiach, together with an in-depth study of the spiritual aspects of the Lechem Hapanim and the Shulchan and their relevance today,

About the Author

Director of the Showbread Institute, Eliezer Meir Saidel, has been researching the Lechem Hapanim since 2015. A master artisan baker by profession, born in South Africa, he made aliyah to Israel in 1985 and opened the Saidel Jewish Baking Center, a boutique artisan bakery specializing in researching and baking traditional Jewish breads. He lives with his wife and four children in Karnei Shomron, Israel.


Product details

Publisher: Eliezer Meir Saidel, 2nd edition, תשפ"ד

Language: Hebrew

Hardcover: 276 pages

Item weight: 750g

Dimensions: 17.5cm X 2cm X 24.5cm

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