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Eliezer Meir (Les) Saidel is a master baker by profession and owner of a small boutique family bakery - The Jewish Baking Center (est. 2008) in Karnei Shomron, Israel, that specializes in baking traditional Jewish breads and teaching people to bake these authentic breads, via hands-on baking workshops. 


In 2018 he established the Showbread Institute, a non-profit organization (NPO) whose purpose is to research the Biblical Showbread (Lechem Hapanim). Eliezer has spent the last seven years (since 2015) researching and studying the Showbread and is the world's leading authority on the subject.

Eliezer is the author of two books (so far) -

1. The Jewish Bread Bible - the definitive history/recipe encyclopedia of Jewish traditional breads throughout the ages, from Adam and Eve until the present day. The book is currently seeking a publisher.

2. Sefer Meir Panim, a religious book (in Hebrew) on the subject of the Showbread (Lechem Hapanim), the only book in history ever dedicated entirely to this subject, containing the results (thus far - it is an ongoing project) of his extensive research and many astounding revelations about this legendary bread. The book is soon to be published.


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